Boat rental and excursions, street markets and local fairs, traditional farm houses, shopping in Porto Rotondo or aperitifs in Porto Cervo: everything is within reach from Hotel Abi d’Oru.

The strategic position of the hotel allows for scenic boat trips along the  coast, from Marinella to Santa Teresa di Gallura, via La Maddalena or Caprera islands.  A shuttle bus (free of charge) connects the hotel to Porto Rotondo.

Archaeologic tours to some of the most important sites in Nothern Sardinia can also be booked atthrough the hotel: the Nuragic village ‘La Prisgiona’, the Coddu Ecchju area near Arzachena, where the Tombs of the Giants are located,  are just some examples.

Not far from there you can admire the millenary olive trees in Luras and the ethnografic museum in Aggius – one of the most important museums of the whole island. Various  food and wine itineraries are also possible in the local farm houses, to taste locally made cheese and wines.

Porto Rotondo

A shuttle service connects the hotel to Porto Rotondo (4 km) every day. The village, which is quite known in the world, is also an active marina since 1964 by the will of the venetian counts Nicolò and Luigi Donà delle Rose. The two brothers’ idea was to create a community that could become a meeting point for artists and intellectuals, who were invited to work on the project of the square and the church of San Lorenzo.

The village has always been characterized by the works of artists who embellished the streets, the walls and the buildings.

The most representative works of art are “The Food Chain”, by Breton artist Emanuel Chapalain and Piazza San Marco, designed by the sculptor Andrea Cascella.

On the square we find the steps of San Lorenzo’s Church, built by the sculptors Andrea Cascella and Mario Ceroli.

The inside of the church is characterized by an overturned ship’s hull shape.

The rose window of the southern façade comes from Murano.

Discovering Gallura

The Abi d’Oru Beach Resort is strongly linked to the rest of the island, its traditions and the unique characteristics that this insular paradise has preserved over the years. As a result, the hotel promotes excursions that move gradually away from the beach and delve deeper into the island’s hinterlands. Modern-day explorers can visit archaeological sites, prehistoric “nuraghe” dwellings and burial sites. As far back as 3,000 years ago the Sardinian people traded in obsidian and, it would seem, even reached the Italian mainland by navigating along the Corsican coast in wooden trunks.

Traditional "stazzi"

The Abi d’Oru offers guests the chance to explore the traditional cottage dwellings of the Gallura region. A way of life in complete harmony with nature that is gaining popularity once again. Gallura is known for its wild countryside, its clear skies and the exquisite hospitality of its people. When guests of the Abi d’Oru stop to sit in the shade of the leafy oak trees outside the houses, telling stories of their home towns, they find eager listeners, just as when the traditional storytellers visited rural houses up until a few decades ago. In exchange the visitors were, and are still today, offered local wine along with fresh ricotta and lettuce with honey.

Journey to the centre of the island

The Abi d’Oru organises excursions to nature reserves in central Sardinia together with specialist partners and with the support of jeeps, canoes or quads. Enjoy lunch with shepherds on the wooded mountains of the Barbagia region, visit some of the largest caves in Europe and follow the trails taken by Sardinia’s famous “gentleman outlaws”. Hike the challenging trail to Tiscali, a renowned prehistoric village hidden within a mountain, wonder at thousand-year old trees and discover “nuraghi”, dolmens and beautiful Roman churches.

From the beginning of September, the “Autumn in Barbagia” event sees the courtyards and bottegas of central Sardinia open their doors to visitors from around the world. Eat, drink and admire the local costumes, customs, tales and legends. Learn how food is produced and prepared and make new friends and lasting memories. The nearest of these towns are just over an hour’s drive from the Abi d’Oru, providing a perfect way to explore Sardinia outside of the high season.