Marinella Restaurant

Fish restaurant by the sea

The Marinella Restaurant has a hexagon shape, built on the sand and with large doors and windows allowing the relaxing atmosphere of the beach to flood in. Its menu is rich in meat and fish specialities. Among these, grilled shellfish and crudités from our sea.

The evening adds purple tones to the warm candlelight, turning the Marinella, one of the few pieds-dans-l’eau restaurants in Costa Smeralda, into the perfect location for a gourmet dinner on the beach.

Info & reservations

Opening hours  |  12.30pm-3pm / 8pm-10.30pm
Phone  |  +39 (338) 6228786
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Pop-up Restaurant - Wicky’s ため Abi D’Oru

From August 10 to 29, the Mediterranean cuisine of resident chef Carlo Piras will be joined by the creative cuisine of an exceptional chef, Wicky Priyan.

Wicky’s ため Abi D’Oru (Wicky’s for Abi d’Oru) is the project that brings the artist behind the innovative Japanese cuisine of Wicky’s Milano to Marinella Restaurant, presenting a menu where Sardinia and Japan blend perfectly.

Two cuisines, two distant lands, united by an extraordinary wealth of raw ingredients and respect for their characteristics, as well as the magical touch of a lifestyle famous for its centenarians.

Wicky Priyan‘s “melting pot” Japan meets the most authentic side of Sardinia in the pop-up restaurant at Marinella, which is also open to outside clients. Here Wicky proposes his winning formula: Japanese cuisine, but with a new, surprising and balanced interpretation, revisited through the flavours and outstanding ingredients of our island.

Born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Wicky Priyan moved to Tokyo at the age of seven and spent most of his youth traveling the world and completing a degree in criminology. Then came life-changing encounters with the great masters of Japanese cuisine: from Keller in Bali to Kan in Tokyo and Kaneki in Kyoto.

Their influence brought him to his current level, allowing him to develop a unique cooking style. His cuisine shows incredible balance, which encapsulates all his experiences, sensations, insights, and pairings.

He will add, remove, remake, absorb, and go back to the drawing board until he achieves the perfect harmony of flavours that he had sought and envisioned. Each ingredient has its own space allowing its best qualities to shine through.

His restaurant in the centre of Milan, Wicky’s, is a must-visit destination for those who love great cuisine and want to enjoy a unique experience. And now, from August 10 to 29, it also boasts a base overlooking the Gulf of Marinella, one the most picturesque bays in all of Sardinia.

Marinella Restaurant's Gallery

Images from the restaurant’s new layout, both for lunch and dinner, in front of the picturesque Gulf of Marinella (Porto Rotondo, Sardinia).